Serverless ClickHouse.

Easily ingest your batch and streaming data into Airfold, query it with SQL, and have the results available as APIs. Simple.

Engineers love Airfold.

Gregory Shulov

Lead Engineer @ AWS

"I worked with many data tools from Flink to Snowflake to DuckDB , and Airfold helps us ship much faster. You guys nailed it."

Cayla Schuval

Data Engineer @ Klaviyo

"Airfold is exactly what we need for real-time analytics. Many of our features can be just a thin layer on top of Airfold."

Senior Engineer


"Airfold is truly game-changing. It completely replaced our Flink, Postgres, and FastAPI stack."


Rows ingested per hour

Ingesting events, metrics, logs, and traces in real-time.


Ingested per hour

From Kafka, Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, and S3.


Queries per second

Reacting to events as they happen.


Workspaces created

Serving real-time analytics, recommendations, and monitoring.

Ingest -> SQL ->  APIs.

No complex integrations. No custom code. It's as simple as SQL.
Unify your batch and streaming data, without the tears.

1. Ingest your Kafka topics

Ingest your events in real-time from Kafka, Kinesis, Pub/Sub, or send events directly to Airfold using POST Without any batching or scheduling.

2. Sync your Snowflake tables

Sync your batch data from your Snowflake, BigQuery, Postgres, and S3, without ETL or scheduling tools.

3. Turn your queries into APIs

Use SQL to enrich your real-time streams with batch data using a simple JOIN, and publish the results as APIs.

Build data products fast.

We've designed the developer experience from the ground up to help data engineers ship faster, with all the power of ClickHouse.


Add real-time dashboards and features to your app and SaaS.


Personalize your features in real-time based on user behavior.


Get the needed data to feed your AI & LLMs in real-time.


Capture logs to monitor the usage of your platform in real-time.

A 10x Superior ClickHouse Experience. Really.

We're building in public.